Star Wars D6: Knights Errant

Star Wars: Knights Errant is a Rebellion era campaign currently set between Episode IV (A New Hope) and Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back). We use the 2nd edition revised & expanded version of the D6 Star Wars rules from West End Games.

There are seven seats, four open, three currently filled (by a smuggler, an ewok, and a Force-sensitive mystic). Players of all experience levels are welcome. The game is kid-friendly and there are plenty of pre-generated characters available. We could really use a droid or two as well as a variety of other characters in the group. Players interested in testing the waters can choose from a variety of character templates or one of three pre-generated characters a Wookiee bounty hunter, a SpecForces Infiltrator or a Twi'lek Jedi padawan.

We meet at noon every other Sunday at Sparta Games.

A blog for the game, including house rules, can be found here: