Abandon Planet Board Game

It's the Meteor Apocalypse, and the race is on to escape! Build your rocket and find a launch partner while dodging incoming meteors. Take off before the rocket base explodes, and you win! Teamwork, betrayal, and survival skills mandatory! Will you Abandon Planet? 

Abandon Planet is 4-8 player space race of creating synergy, building partnerships, and abandoning them when they're not useful anymore. It lasts about 8 rounds and usually plays in an hour, with very little downtime due to players making choices at the same time. 

During the game players are flying their patched up rockets from the rocket base at the center of the board to the last remaining parts of earth - the tiles around it. They'll collect the resources there or perform the special action, unless someone else also flew to that tile, in which case they'll have to fight for it with various special abilities. At the end of the round a meteor will blow up one of the tiles and replacing it with a special Aftermath tile, changing the landscape of play every round. 

A core component of the game is that you have to have a partner to win, and you and your partner's Inventories must add up to the correct amounts shown on the Goal sheet - the list of items you need to fix up your rockets and fly out. You can partner with anyone except the people on your left and right, meaning you have built in enemies, and only potential partners. The fun of the game is in trying to coax and/or coerce players to partner with you, get other players to help you, and abandoning them later to win the game with someone else if it looks like a better deal. Lastly, multiple teams can launch in the same round, meaning more than just one person will win the game. It will always be a team of two, or multiple teams.

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