Acrylic Infinity Faction Markers - 25mm Yu Jing (10)

Bag of 10x 25mm Acrylic Infinity Faction Markers, in a convenient one-click bundle.

Keep track of your orders, wounds or any status you like with these faction specific acrylic markers. You can even use them as bases!

This laser cut 3mm Acrylic piece comes ready to use*. If you're interested in a different color just specify in your order notes and we'll do our best to accomodate!

*Note: The protective backing may still be attached to protect during shipping. Upon receiving the package just peel off the backing before use.

** Please note that the black acrylic tokens have been retouched to better highlight the unit symbols. Actual product will be less vibrant.

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Talk About The Acrylic Infinity Faction Markers - 25mm Yu Jing (10)