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Richard Garfield’s classic cyberpunk card game returns cleaner, sharper, more flavorful, and better than ever with the release of Android Netrunner: The Card Game! This two-player Living Card Game™ of megacorps, runners, and cybercrime pits monolithic megacorps against subversive netrunners in a high-stakes struggle for valuable data.
Humanity has spread its wings and taken trade to the far reaches of the solar system, having colonized the Moon and Mars. Visionary corporations created braintaping techniques that have led to the development of lifelike artificial intelligence. But as these massive corporations guard their intellectual property on the network behind layers of ice, netrunners seek to expose their secrets, for ideological reasons or for profit.
Key Selling Points
• New life for the classic card game by Richard Garfield
• High-stakes futuristic gambles and intrigues in a cyberpunk setting
• Exciting asymmetrical game play pits a corporation player against a runner
• Four corporations and three runner classes spark imaginative deck designs
• The Living Card Game™ format promotes regular, organic growth

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