Guild Ball: Butchers Guild Token Set

Our Guild Ball Butcher’s Token Set provide a high quality acrylic token for every ability used by the Season 1 line-up, ensuring those vital synergies aren’t forgotten during the heat of play.

This product contains:
• 15X Influence Tokens
• 2X Goal Influence Tokens
• 1X Loved Creature Token
• 1X Get ‘Em Lads Token
• 2X Dirty Knives Token
• 1X Super Shot Token
• 1X Marked Target Token
• 1X Rabid Animal Token
• 1X Butchery Token
• 1X Hamstring Token
• 3X Sanguine Pool Tokens
• 2X They Aint Tough Tokens
• 2X Swift Stance Tokens
• 1X Tooled Up Token
• 1X Tough Skin Token
• 1X Thousand Cuts Token
• 1X Dodge Used Token

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